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7 Awesome Logo Redesign Strategies

Looking at old pictures of yourself, you’ll see that your style has changed a lot over the years. You may have lost or gained weight, gotten a new haircut, or bought a new wardrobe. Each “look” symbolizes who you were at that point in time.

But you may not realize that businesses actually work the same way. They grow and change over time, and they need a way to convey those changes. Since logos are the most commonly recognized symbol of any brand, it stands to reason that a logo redesign is the perfect way to showcase the brand’s evolving identity.

Of course, there’s more than one way to redesign a logo. As a printer and provider of graphic design services, Company Folders is well-versed in the ways of logo creation. Now, they’re sharing this expertise with you by putting together these top 7 logo redesign strategies. Learn how to improve on the best traits of your logo with the help of examples from popular brands.

7 Awesome Logo Redesign Strategies [Infographic]