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Our most economical custom logo package designs you a professional looking logo. For less.


Includes business card design. Priority scheduling & more revision cycles than Bronze logo design package.


Includes stationery design. Priority scheduling & more revision cycles than Bronze logo design package.

Easy 3-Step Logo Design Process

Creative Brief And Brainstorming

Creative Brief and Brainstorming

Answer a few simple questions and our team determines the right creative direction for your project.

Initial Concepts

Initial Concepts

Up to 8 concepts are ready for viewing in one week.

Feedback And Finalization

Feedback and Finalization

Your favorite logo is revised to your specifications, then finalized in 5 formats for any application: Vector EPS, AI Illustrator, PDF, Transparent PNG, JPG Image.

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What is branding, anyway?

Branding. Coca-Cola does it, of course. Entire countries do it. Wedding planners too. And if you’ve got a logo, you do it. Right?

Wait a sec. What is branding, anyway? How is it different from your logo? What about your identity? And how does that all differ from marketing? With so many terms being used interchangeably these days, we thought a little branding refresher might come in handy.

Your brand lives in hearts and minds

In a nutshell, your brand is the set of perceptions people have about your company. A brand is not something you can create – nor can your designer. You can’t touch it or see it. Rather, it’s an emotional expression of your value that your audience creates. It lives in people’s hearts and minds.

So branding, then, is the process of developing and influencing positive perceptions to help your business succeed. It encompasses all the things that make your brand, from customer service to stationery.

In order for branding to work, you need to be clear and consistent about the characteristics that define who you are. What values do you operate by? What vision for the future makes you proud? If your company was a person, how would you characterize his or her personality? Own these unique elements. Let them seep into all that you do. They’ll guide your communications and help you build memorability, trust and loyalty.

Why you need branding

With new products and services popping up faster than ever, you really can’t afford not to do branding. Here are three ways it will help you succeed.

  • Stand out from the competition. If you’re hankering for a cola, do you reach for a Coca-Cola, Pepsi or the generic store version? You may choose Coke based on the perception that it’s the original cola – ’the real thing.’ Or perhaps the all-familiar red and white design makes you think of fun, freedom and backyard barbecues. When customers have several choices, branding helps them make a decision.
  • Increase the value of your offering. There’s a reason people are willing to pay 75% more for that Coke than a generic version. Branding elevates your offering from a commodity to a unique product, allowing you to charge a premium.
  • Create a human connection with your audience. The art of storytelling lets you engage with customers on an emotional level. Coca-Cola’s innovative ad campaigns, for example, have told countless stories over the decades that ultimately revolve around celebrating everyday life. It’s a theme that can be both nostalgic and current. More importantly, it’s one that everyone around the world can relate to.

Sure, Coca-Cola may have a $4 billion marketing budget, a logo that’s recognized by 94% of the world and a brand that’s been around since 1892. But companies of all sizes can enjoy the same benefits of branding.